Recap for March, 2024

Oh, the Shoes came so close. But U of I (f*** those guys) pushed ahead and took home the Jordi for another month. We had new teams, some folks returned, and the wonderful server Chloe said farewell to us. If this is missing any under- or on-the-table shenanigans, do say so.

Recap for February, 2024

Thanks to the magic of a leap day, Your Intrepid Host is managing to get her second monthly recap in on time for February.

Last night was a milestone in the life of the strange and wonderful community that is UPQ. Our guest host, Patron Saint of Paris, made her debut with a wide-ranging round on songs based on working-class jobs.  Patron Saint is the offspring of Woman, one of the longest-playing regulars of the Quiz. And so, The Next Generation of quiz denizens has blossomed!

We've had a steady stream of new teams so far this year. Watch for them and say hello! 

Recap for January, 2024

One of your intrepid hosts, Mary O'Shag, has resolved to post a recap at least monthly so that those of you who don't get to Quiz weekly can have something to catch up on.

Of course, Your Correspondent managed to be sick for most of the month, so doesn't have a lot to say at the moment, other than that The Shoes won for January with 229 points. We closed out the month with four virgin teams, who seem to have had a perfectly fine time. The name "Easy Bake Coven" was greeted with applause, and so we hope they return.

Hash Beans did a notable job of illustrating their Earworms round answer sheet on the YMCA answer, a couple of weeks ago, and so it deserves to be immortalized here.

The scores for 2023

2023 has been placed into the composting bin, and so, courtesy of the scoreboard app, we have figured out who the top ten teams were for the year!

2023 UPQ summary

Recap for August 16, 2023

Our newest newbie host, The Detective, brought quite the fan club with him last night! We had a packed house, pondering Supreme Court information, math and science beginning with R, and web browsers current and past.

Despite losing points for the large size of their team last night, Plan M is still in the lead for August. We've got two more Wednesdays left in the month--come on both nights to see who finally takes away first place!

Recap for July 19, 2023

What an exciting and concise Quiz we had this week! The Sadiest shared more popular music factoids and a FABULOUS round with some serious pallindrome skills. Meanwhile, Professor Lone Star ventured back down from his summer abode in Connecticut to celebrate Bastille Day, test everyone's knowledge of Wes Anderson, and show some SOLIDARITY with his Common Bond.

We have a new leader for the monthly score - show up next week to see if we have a photo finish!

And speaking of photo finishes, I can't end this recap without sharing my Wes Anderson visual round. Enjoy!

Recap for July 12, 2023

Your Quiz Hosts have, collectively, Not a Clue as to how they let an entire month escape without a Recap of any kind. Maybe they are all showing up for Happy Hour and partaking of the good deals? Maybe they are exhausted from the intellectual rigor of their rounds?

At any rate, here we are, belatedly celebrating a new fiscal year for some folks, and the lost Quiz Host virginity of Quiz Flop Chatterbox, a regular of Bureau of Whorin' Affairs, who made his debut on the 12th. His questions about EGOT winners, grammar, and English royalty definitely raised the bar--and caused some to raid the bar.

Hash Beans and Toast is currently in the lead for the month! Come on over on Wednesday and participate in the chaos and chugging. 

Waffle House Disaster Index Featuring Potent Potables did not get sufficient notoriety for these great illustrations.

Recap for May 31, 2023

May went out with a roar. Nine raucous teams made much loud merriment without descending into shouting answers, and absent regular Michael Cudney got a shout out--which goes to show that if you are sufficiently notorious, even being thousands of miles away doesn't protect you from trash talking.

And oh, the monthly scores. It was so, so close--but AAP U of I swiped the top spot by a single point, from the indefatigable Waffle House Disaster Index featuring Potent Potables. Next month, WHDIPP!

Recap for May 17, 2023

Fun times were had at the Uptown Pub Quiz this week, which saw the debut of another fabulous guest host Emily, AKA Commodore Pie!

There were many challenging questions, some of which were even answered correctly! That said, there were many wrong answers as well, and the prize for Best Wrong Answer of the Night went to new team Save Them All! which guessed that a Dark and Stormy Cocktail was made with Gin and Guinness.

Appropriately, the winning team of the night was The Waffle House Disaster Index (featuring Potent Potables), and John the Bartender thought it appropriate that their team be rewarded with the first ever tasting of that disastrous potent potable, which is now the Official Cocktail of Uptown Pub Quiz!

See you next week - bring in your ideas for what we should name that fabulous new drink!

Recap for April 19, 2023

We had four new teams on Wednesday, all of whom had great names. This photo is in honor of the Marmot Harlots in Space. Please note: the photo is in the public domain, and no inferences regarding the sex life of the pictured marmot are to be drawn.

Harlan Crowe Won't Buy Our House earned our real estate sympathies, and our admiration for their impressive first-time score.

The Quizzie McGuires name confused one of Your Esteemed Quizmasters, who knows just enough to be confused by American-Irish history (see Molly McGuires).

The Red Shulips took it away for the evening, with an incredible score of 49.5

See you next week, for more colorful names and questions.

Recap for April 12, 2023

It was another great night at the Uptown Pub Quiz! Congratulations to Plan M for winning the night, and thank you Professor Lone Star for bringing in some AWESOME stickers from Retrograde Supply Co. for prizes! They were a big hit.

Recap for April 5, 2023

A new month, and a new host: J-Date made an auspicious debut, with rounds on flashes, bullies, and the NATO alphabet for the common bond. Mary O'Shag hurried the crowd through Science H and spring festivals.

Recap for March 29, 2023

Another couple weeks (and month) are in the books!

The night finished with These Shoes Are Made For Marching taking home the monthly prize: a holiday gift basket filled with many unexpired treats as well as possession of our coveted trophy The Jordy.

Recap for March 15, 2023

181 Cabrini has wine specials on Wednesday nights! Your Humble Diarist was introduced to this marvelous feature by a fellow Mediocrity, and therefore is a wee bit fuzzy as to the rest of the evening. Patricks were identified and discussed, microphones and quizmasters were stress tested (and survived), and the Mediocrities wound up on top for the evening. If you have other colorful memories, do email them to

Recap for March 8, 2023

Your Humble Diarist was down with the creeping crud, and was having hallucinatory fever dreams about database fields and tables. If any actual attendee has something to contribute here, please email

Recap for March 1, 2023

The theme for 2023 is shaping up to be Tiebreakers-A-Go-Go.

Rear Admiral Jen and The Sadieist (please note the correct spelling of this August Quizmaster's nom de quiz; Your Humble Diarist apologizes abjectly for former misrenderings) baffled the gathered masses with questions about the famous and the infamous.

(Again, Your Humble Diarist apologizes for lack of specificity, as the beer flowed rather more freely than usual and she is feeling rather foggy as to details of the proceedings. Other Quizmasters are begged to edit with more interesting history.)

Next, week, Guest Host Alana joins Mary O'Shag, for who-knows-what (they certainly don't, yet).

Recap for February 22, 2023

February is the shortest month, and it feels really short when the last Wednesday is the 22nd. There were 17 teams who crossed the finish line, and at least 3 were Quiz virgins. The 3 Gs and a G were seated up front, and were not scared off by the deep questions asked by Jay of the Jackal or Mary O'Shag.

There was much excitement at the end of the night, as The Mediocrities and Red Shoes had to solve a tiebreaker posed by Jay (Mary O'Shag stayed out of that in an effort to keep the contest unbiased). The Mediocrities did come away with the extra point, an amazing gift basket, and of course The Geordie.

Next week, a new month, a new scoreboard, and a new opportunity to win, win, win!

Recap for February 15, 2023

The Pink Elephant Exchange did in fact include one elephant (of wax) and one pink sparkly item (Filofax, which was the object of a steal.

In the great tradition of UPQ, this memorable video made an appearance (on DVD), and is destined for a wall in upstate New York.

Next week is the last week of the month. Will The Mediocrities be able to hold onto their lead? Come and find out.

Recap for February 8, 2023

I am not even sure how to describe last night. I think I was sober enough to remember all of it. 

Seventeen raucous, thirsty teams held on through all five rounds, with much shouting (but not of answers) and waving arms, triumphing over the untimely demise of the UPQ sound mixer.  It was loud, it was warm, it was liquid...

The truest sign that We Are Back is that The Bad Doggies critiqued Mary O'Shag's "Science, E" round with the words, "THIS ROUND BLOWS!" We haven't had that kind of spirited feedback in three years, and it felt great.

Check out the monthly scores to see where your team ranks in this fresh quiz month of February.

Reminder: Our Pink Elephant Gift Exchange is happening on February 15, show up with a wrapped gift to contribute and head home with a different, recently unwrapped gift of your very own!

Recap for February 1, 2023

(Posted on February 3rd) I'm sure we were all grateful to wake up this morning and realize it was no longer February 2nd. Wednesday does seem like it happened so long ago though!

The UPQ was blessed this week to have our prodigal hosts Joey Trivviani and Ian the Human Mathematician return to host another night. I'm no mathematician myself, but I'm 50% sure that everyone had a fantastic time!

Check out the monthly scores to see where your team ranks in this fresh quiz month of February.

Reminder: Our Pink Elephant Gift Exchange is happening soon. If you're familiar with a White Elephant Gift Exchange, then you should be able to figure this one out. On February 15, show up with a wrapped gift to contribute and head home with a different, recently unwrapped gift of your very own!

Recap for January 25, 2023

We had more new teams who, until 8:05 pm, had been innocent neighbors entering in search of dinner and drinks. By the end of the night, they had been absorbed into Quiz and become chugging, cheering denizens. 

The Jordy (looks like Geordi, sounds like Geordi, but is not Geordi) was returned prior to Quiz, by a person who arrived with this oddly taped box, handing it to Jasmin and departing hurriedly. Our intrepid bar queen accepted the delivery, despite its distinctly disreputable appearance.

Check out the monthly scores to find out which team took it home.

Reminder: Our Pink Elephant Gift Exchange is happening soon. If you're familiar with a White Elephant Gift Exchange, then you should be able to figure this one out. On February 15, show up with a wrapped gift to contribute and head home with a different, recently unwrapped gift of your very own!

Recap for January 18, 2023

Another Wednesday night, another solid showing at the Uptown Pub Quiz. We had a full house of full-brained players at 181 Cabrini. If you don't believe us, check the monthly scores.

Reminder: Our Pink Elephant Gift Exchange is happening soon. If you're familiar with a White Elephant Gift Exchange, then you should be able to figure this one out. On February 15, show up with a wrapped gift to contribute and head home with a different, recently unwrapped gift of your very own!

Recap for January 11, 2023

It was a well-endowed night at UPQ, as 181 was engorged with quizzers wishing Wunder and Naomi of the North bon voyage. Rounds on card games, cars, and dirty minds kept everyone on their toes.

An announcement was made regarding a well-loved UPQ tradition that will be making its return on February 15: The White Elephant Regifting, this year in a post-Valentine Day version (a Pink Elephant Gift Exchange?). Bring your (unused) Valentine lingerie, inedible (unopened) candy hearts, and other goodies for the festivities.

Recap for January 4, 2023

There were 18 teams gathered to open another year of Uptown Pub Quiz. 

Mary O'Shag was deeply disappointed that her rounds seemed to be too easy, and has resolved to avoid that mistake in the future. Professor Lone Star introduced a variety of new interstitial music, and asked questions about it.

The best wrong answer of the year was in response to the question about which nonprofit runs the legal NYC cannabis dispensary: "March of Dime Bags."

Next week, we bid farewall to Naomi and The Wunderman as they set off on their great adventure. Be there to burn the memories into their psyches.

Recap for December 28, 2022

The final Quiz of 2022 was a relatively sedate affair, led by The Wunderman and The Sadiest. The unexpected prize of the evening was the appearance of the much-missed Alana Shepherd, who was back on this coast for a few days.

The tight-knit clan of Downtown Bar Test took away both the evening and the month, and they are ready to start of 2023 with a bang next week.

We'll see you on the 4th!

Recap for December 14, 2022

The Bureau of Whorin' Affairs was inspired last night to write a poem dedicated to the amazing and endlessly patient Jasmine, our regular bartender. The poem itself may have been held by Jaz, but it is in any event not available to Your Fearless Recapper.

Rounds included Elevens, Sudoku, Chanukah, and an occasional chug of beer. We continue to welcome new teams, some of whom are innocents wandering in merely looking for dinner, and others recruited by social media or devious regulars. Keep recruiting!

See you all next week, when The Evil Mr. Phil and Professor Lone Star will be providing the food for thought.

Recap for December 7, 2022

Tonight was anything but mostly dead, as 15 teams packed 181 Cabrini to ponder science, miracles, fish, and the excellent happy hour wine (looking at youse, Downtown Bar Test). The Wunderman and Mary O'Shag were scoring at high speed to keep the night rolling.

Jasmine, our indefatigable and unflappable bartender, was resplendent in a headdress of green sparkly reindeer antlers. The solo Mediocrity combined with The Red Shoes, and Trivialis and Downtown Bar Test combined forces to squeak out a win over No Room at the University of Inwood.

Next week, Mary O'Shag and the Sadiest are up.