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Hint of the Week for December 21, 2022

Happy Solstice, and Happy Fourth Night of Chanukah!

We’re in a festive spirit tonight at the Uptown Pub Quiz, so I have a simple and festive hint for you!

Just follow this link.

And when you’re done watching that, figure out where your holiday sweaters are: we’re decking the halls and our bodies tonight, so come tonight wearing your favorite festive garb!

See you at 8PM tonight at 181 Cabrini!

Hint of the Week for December 14, 2022

This polygon goes to eleven.

Hint of the Week for December 7, 2022

Wednesday night is just mostly dead.

Hint of the Week for November 30, 2022

Today's weather is great for those who like getting caught in the rain. And if you like making love at midnight, you're in luck, because pub quiz will be over by ten.